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An astonishingly simple and effective form of therapy that allows the body's energy systems to resychronize so they can operate as nature intended. Each system, cell, and atom is in constant communication with eachother at all times. However, stresses of day-to-day life can break down and compromise these systems, which leads to a decline in physical, mental, and emotional well being. Reconnecting these lines of communication, we enable the body to function at optimal levels, preventing disease and rapidly accelerating the healing process. 


My approach to life coaching is from a holistic mind / body / soul priority, drawing from more traditional life coaching techniques as well as insights from the Law of Attraction, I Ching, and energy medicine to process past trauma, and deprogram pain in the cellular memory that could be presenting blocks to to your fullest potential. Daily homework may be recommended and self-help resources and techniques suggested.


Healing can manifest in many different forms, and not just the physical. You might become more peaceful within yourself; you might begin to relate differently to family members or friends, experiencing more love, forgiveness and acceptance; you might find that the disease that has challenged you transforms into restored balance or harmony in your life; or your pain may ease and you might feel more joy. Reconnective healing is often a life-changing experience, allowing for the healing of the body, mind, and spirit.  Your interaction with this comprehensive spectrum of frequencies, consisting of energy, light, and information, will be initiated at the start of your session, but the healing process will continue long afterwards. 


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I help facilitate healing, I'm not a “healer." I rather act as a catalyst for transformation with a toolbox of various techniques and modalities to pull from. I will not tell you what's wrong with you, or what needs to be “fixed”. In terms of coaching, I won't tell you it's a matter of working harder, pushing through, staying focused. You don't need to mentally overcome anything or fix "a plan" to achieve pre-set, material results. When your energy is clear and your emotions are light and uncluttered, you live more consistently from a place of inspiration and joy- and success comes naturally, without struggle. Health issues resolve in such a way that dumbfound medical professionals. Opportunities for abundance flow. There is a more joyful way to where you're wanting to go without pushing, controlling or outsmarting. 


Sessions typically start with me simply asking questions to begin uncovering your priorities for healing and transformation on a deep soul level, after which we can identify any limitations holding you back. At this point we deprogram any fixed ideas, limiting beliefs, traumas and emotional memories stuck on a cellular level, to bring your entire system into a state of relief and balance, enabling you to move forward joyfully.


Many modalities go into each coaching session, depending on the unique needs of the client. The most transformative has been an integration of the Emotion / BodyCode with Reconnective Healing. The various methods and techniques for healing and coaching that I draw from for your session are vast and ultimately depend on your and your needs, but can include: I Ching / life coaching / massage / lightarian reiki / the emotion code / the body code / bodytalk / meditation / sound therapy. 

A problem cannot be solved on the same level of consciousness it was created
— Albert Einstein