Yoga, Breathwork & Sound Healing with the Power of Plant Medicine in The Canary Islands

We’ll spend our days relaxing and exploring some of Tenerife’s most loved places along with lesser known destinations - beautiful beaches, hiking through the hills and rolling through the evenings with yoga, transformational breathwork and healing sound baths to soothe you into serenity. Each yoga, breathwork and soundbath session will have high grade CBD and or ceremonial grade Cacao infusions to enhance the work.

World class massage therapy and energy healing services will also be available by request.


Become Your Own Healer. A Sacred Breath & Energy Healing Immersion.

Your healing is in your hands. Set yourself free with Sacred Breath. Unlock your highest potential. Uplift your soul and clear old wounds and traumas. Uproot and release layers of conditioned beliefs stored within our personal psyche and within the collective consciousness. You hold the innate ability to transform yourself body / mind / spirit. Are you ready for multi-dimensional healing, to dissolve the barriers between who you perceive yourself to be and who you TRULY are - divine, wise, beautiful? Through breath we will unlock a deep self-knowing, shed light on your life’s purpose, and illuminate answers to our deepest questions. Come home to your most authentic self with conscious, circular, deep diaphragmatic breathing and the power of breath medicine.

Breathwork works well with energy medicine like Reiki, Theta Healing, and the Emotion Code. Participants will have the option of receiving a reiki attunement and participate in an energy medicine workshop focusing on tools and techniques for self healing from Theta Healing and The Emotion Code System.


Get Lit & Age Younger with Nushape Phototherapy. A Private Event For My Barcelona Girls.

Alright ladies! I asked, you answered- let’s have a party shall we?! Sign up here for our spa day. You’ll receive a Nushape treatment for fat loss or pain relief, with one free bottle of Slim Wrap Solution (enough for 4 home skin firming, detoxifying treatment wraps on your area of choice), as well as a session on the Vibration plate. Coupons will also be given for $75 off any Nushape Therapy or Lipo Wrap purchase, or a discounted week long spa pass if you’d like to receive additional treatments with me.


Reiki Teacher Training in The Crystal Energies of Ibiza

Levels 1 , 2 & 3

Where better to become a Reiki healer than Ibiza - the island that sits atop a bed of crystal? In this energy vortex (on the quiet side of the island), we will attune to the reiki energy lineage and learn how to do healings for yourself and others. Beyond performing healing sessions, Reiki is a spiritual path and a vehicle for self-development. Expect to become more sensitive to your own energy, the energy of others and the surrounding environment, strengthen your intuition and clarity, and develop a closer connection with your own inner strength and spirit.

Level 1 and 2 and 3 are each taught over the course of a week long retreat. You’ll have the option to partake and practice yin yoga, learn about sound healing with crystal bowls, and experience the magic of tranformational breathwork, using the Sacred Breath Method.

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Get My Book! Learn all you need to know about Light Medicine - Revolutionary Healing With Light Red Light and Infrared Light Waves.

LED Therapy is a top growing trend in wellness for a reason! Take a look at how red light and infrared therapy can help heal or treat over 20 different conditions. Red light and infrared therapy is making people happier, healthier, thinner in the doctors office and now clinical strength treatment is available at home. It’s time to level up on your wellness and beauty routine - learn how to bio-hack your body with non-invasive light waves for:

  • brain health and cognitive enhancement

  • hormone and thyroid health

  • fat loss and cellulite

  • pain relief and inflammation

  • anti-aging

    and more…



Current Breathwork Playlist

Hey Fellow Breathers! Here Are My Favorite Tracks SoundScapes for Deep, Conscious, Connected Breathing...


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