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My name is Jessica

My passion is helping others feel their best through wellness and natural beauty. I’m trained and certified in a variety of massage, beauty, and healing energy modalities. Please learn more here and thank you for stopping by!


Healing Offerings

“A problem cannot be solved on the same level of consciousness it was created”


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My Approach

A happy, healthy, and abundant life is your birthright. 

I help facilitate healing, acting as a catalyst for transformation. I won't tell you what's wrong with you, or what needs to be “fixed”, that you need to work harder, push through, or stay focused. Instead we will tap into limiting beliefs and traumas, and trapped emotions in your pain body that are causing imbalance. Sometimes this imbalance leads to something mental like anxiety, other times it can be expressed as a physical problem. Drawing from The Emotion Code, The Body Code, Body Talk, Reconnective Healing and Theta Healing, we can work to achieve balance and clarity, to live from a place of inspiration and find a deeper satisfaction and state of well-being.

The aim of emotional and energetic healing is to set you free from limitations so you can fly.


Whole Body Beauty and Wellness with the Miracle of Light 

Promote healing, stimulate collagen for skin repair and wrinkle reduction, increase circulation, reduce inflammation for pain relief, and drain fat cells of waste for a slimmer figure.

Red light therapy involves emitting red, low-light LED wavelengths through the skin to stimulate an array of remarkable benefits. So many in fact, at first it almost seems like magic! 

The FDA has approved red light therapy for chronic joint pain, slow to heal wounds, wrinkles, hair loss, "circumferential inch loss" (fat), acne, and many more. 

I sell the latest in clinical stength LED phototherapy / cold laser wellness devices, as well as offer a services that incorporate clinical strength phototherapy in my practice with “The Rapid Fat Flush”


 For the Love of Her 

Organic, anti-aging skincare, giving 10% back to women & children in need, I developed the LUVHR collection to celebrate the beauty of HER.

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Rich with rose, lavender, and frankincense I created LUVHR to nourish, soothe and uplift both your skin and senses. Non toxic, bio-active botanicals with zero fillers, chemicals or nasties- so clean you could eat, and smelling so divine you almost want to! 

Inspired by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, liquid elements are treated with reiki, crystal and sound frequencies, carrying the energies and intention of love and healing to change the structure of the formulas on a cellular level. 

10% of our proceeds benefit women's and children's charities and non-profit organizations across the world, such as We Are Ultra Violet, Women's Earth Alliance, the Women's Empowerment Fund, Maiti Nepal, and Thrive-Global. Taking action to DO good in order to feel good, and look good.


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