Born out of a synthesis of the fashion, spa, and wellness worlds, my newest collection LUVHR empowers women with a little bit of magic- crystal jewelry and infused body oils, lace lingerie, cashmere loungewear, bridal, suiting, and a bath & spa collection. The LUVHR mission is to give an extra edge to the female who does so much.  She's hustling through a busy day, in an expertly tailored power suit, getting into her flow and celebrating her sensuality in a gorgeous set of lingerie... taking a minute for herself to tune out the rest of the world for pampering and self-care with an array of luxurious aroma-therapuetic spa products. LUVHR aims to encourage and inspire the mother,  "fempreneur" and muse, through her many adventures and endeavors.



Photo Credit:Β ms.akr


I began NUSHAPE in 2014 as a better alternative to red light therapy for slimming. NUSHAPE provides a patent-pending advanced photonic system using FDA-approved wavelengths for effective body contouring, pain management and skin rejuvenation. Licenses are available to other spas and wellness centers. NUSHAPE now includes an organic line of detoxifying and youth restoring at home spa treatments with the NUSHAPE BODY collection.


In my personal practice I work with many modalities, depending on the unique needs of the client. Closest to magic has been an integration of Bodytalk, Coaching, energy healing techniques (both pranic and reiki) with the use of the I Ching. The various methods & techniques for healing and coaching that I draw from for your session are vast, ultimately depending on you and your needs, but can include: I Ching / life coaching / massage / reiki / tapping / divination / applied kinesiology / bodytalk / meditation / mindfulness / guided visualizations / pranic healing techniques / law of attracting - allowing, and sound therapy. 



With love for mother earth and the healing arts, my intention with this organic skin and body care collection goes beyond skin deep- transcending traditional skincare with an array of healing energies: 

  • Active aromatics made of the finest certified organic essential oils with cooling, cleansing, calming, preserving and other useful properties. Each is chosen for its active benefits, nothing is ever included as a mask or "perfume." The smell is just an amazing, zen-inspiring side effect.
  • Reiki healing energy is transmitted to ingredients (and held by crystals contained in select products). Vibrations of reiki & crystals transmit, reflect, and hold healing energy.
  • Sound therapy technology treats water and oil components in formulas with frequencies that correspond to, and carry the intentions of, love and healing...changing the structure on a cellular level.