The Deal on Trapped Emotions

Trapped Emotions

When you experience trauma or intense negative emotions, you enter a state of being that is out of balance.

When the negative emotional change is over, you should be able to go back to your normal natural state of ease.

When this does not happen and the intensity or frequency of the emotion is intense, you feel overwhelmed and instead of releasing the negative emotion, you suppressed it and in doing so it becomes stuck or trapped inside of you.

Trapped emotions are real and you carry a lot of them in your body as a result of  trauma and difficult life events.

When you feel an intense emotion and this emotion is not process in a healthy way, it will remain stuck.

The energy of the emotion or the emotional change of your experience forms a ball of energy that becomes nested next to an organ, gland, muscle, tissue and remains there forever.

The emotional change continues to vibrate according to the initial frequency of the trapped emotions causing interference with the normal functioning of the body creating dysfunction and disease.

You know you have a trapped emotions if when you feel angry you really overreact to small little things, if you fall apart for a simple misunderstanding or if it will take a minor incident to make you feel hurt and sad. 

Physical Dysfunction And Negative Emotions

When negative emotions become trapped in the body there can be dangerous consequences to the organs, gland or tissues when the trapped emotions is lodged. The frequency of the trapped emotions works like an interference disrupting the communication circuits connected to the organs.

Cellular mutations are more likely to occur in this state of imbalance and bacterial or viruses are more likely to target that organ, gland or tissue.

When you have a trapped emotion, it's only a matter of time before tissue inflammation, damage or disease shows up. The average adult has a minimum of 300 to 400 trapped emotions.

Your natural state of health is balance and harmony. If you are not in this state you can rest assure you have trapped emotions affecting you. 

Negative emotions can be visualized as a cloud of gray energy surrounding a gland, an organ or a muscle and you may have more than one trapped emotions located in the same area.

Often time the subconscious mind uses these negative emotional energy to build a wall around your heart. This is called the Heart-Wall.

Your Organs Store Negative Emotions

The ancient Taoists knew that negative emotions could have a detrimental impact on someone's health causing physical and spiritual conditions.

The realized that each human emotion creates a form of energy, which can be referred to as emotional change. It is this energy that causes many conditions. There is a strong correlation between an emotions and certain organs. For example, when you feel a "knot" in your stomach, you are probably worries or concerned about something. Negative emotions can get trapped in any location of the body, but are often found more specifically in certain organs. 

For example:

  • Anger weakens your liver
  • Grief affects your lung
  • Worry weakens your spleen and stomach
  • Anxiety affects your digestive organs and glands
  • Stress weakens your heart
  • Fear affects your adrenal glands and kidneys
  • Shock attacks you kidneys
  • Humiliation is connected to your reproductive organs and glands
  • Guilt and bitterness affects your gall bladder

According to Chinese medicine, negative emotions are produced by certain organs.

The energy of the emotions can travel along a meridian and get stuck anywhere in the body. Meridians are energy pathways through which energy moves in and out of the organs and glands to bring new flesh Chi (life force energy) and release old Chi.

Releasing Trapped Emotions

Since trapped emotions are basically made of energy they can be released. The process of effectively release trapped emotions is based on a few steps:

1. Define the emotion 

2. Locate where it is trapped in the body

3. Release it by using a magnet

4. Double check to make sure it has been released

The information about the emotions that are trapped in your body can be found by using muscle testing. Through muscle testing we can access your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is like a supercomputer that contains all the information about what happened to you at every moment of your life. Your subconscious mind has stored every emotion, every thought and every action your have ever taken throughout your existence. 

Through muscle testing we can ask specific targeted questions to get the answer about trapped emotions we need. This will reveal if any issue you are experiencing now could be related to having trapped emotions.

There are always trapped emotions at the root cause of many issues in every area of your life: health, finances, and relationships.

The good news is, once located, they can be released quickly using The Emotion Code.