I spent the first half of my childhood in Massachusetts being raised by my Grandmother, Carol K Anthony, an intuitive healer and author. While under her care she was writing what are now well loved translations of The I Ching, and books on consciousness based medicine, love, self healing, and meditation. I was taught meditation and energy healing before learning to ride a bike. If there was a problem to be addressed, we consulted the I Ching Oracle for clarity and guidance. In college I became a certified massage therapist and Reiki Master Teacher. Upon turning thirty I opened a boutique women’s wellness spa, which led me to develop my own products for women and branch out into the field of light medicine. I launched Nushape LLC, a company that develops medical devices for body contouring and skin rejuvenation, as well as physical and even cognitive healing for the body and mind. I’m an impassioned nerd when it comes using non-invasive LED light waves for wellness, and just finished my book “Red Light Therapy: The Self Help Guide to Your Best Brain and Body Ever” featuring over 20 treatments tackling everything from hormone health, to fat loss skin rejuvenation, pain and inflammation relief, cognitive function and more. But my first love will always be on the more soulful, less technical side of wellness. In my free time you can likely find me digging deeper into shamanic healing and emotional / energetic modalities for soul retrieval, energy healing, emotional healing, and ancestral healing to achieve balance, bliss, and joy for the mind/body/soul.

My most current obsession is transformational, connected breathing, specifically the Sacred Breath Method. This type of breathwork method (and several others becoming more popular) have proven to release serotonin, dopamine, and small amounts of DMT, “The Spirit Molecule”. Using deep, connected, circular breathing, soundscapes and shamanic healing tools, breathwork becomes a mystical method for transformation. Breathing can be psychedelic, with visions and insights not so different from those achieved with sacred plant and ancestral medicines like Ayahuasca, Kambo, Bufo, San Pedro… but with the simple innate power of your own breath! I’m finding that it pairs beautifully with energy healing, and the use of crystal bowl sound healing.

Thank you for reading!