NUSHAPE Essentials Slimming Pack

NUSHAPE Essentials Slimming Pack


The complete collection of NUSHAPE Spa Essentials. This organic range of slimming and detoxifying spa products have been developed to complement our NUSHAPE red light therapy treatments, either in-home or at the spa using only the highest quality ingredients, zero fillers, and lots of testing- on willing humans subject, never animals. Made in the USA.

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Collection includes:

  • FIT Wrap Solution- applied with a compression bandage after or during a workout or red light treatment this powerful re-mineralizing, detoxifying and circulation-stimulating treatment packs a serious slimming punch with a mega dose of essential oils, caffeine, plant and algae extracts, and 75 naturally occuring trace minerals to improve the appearance of cellulite, fat deposits, water weight, loose skin, varicose veins and stretch marks.
  • DETOX Days Tea- a special blend of herbs for fat loss support. Antioxidants aid good health, polyphenols stimulate and support the fat burning process, caffeine combined with EGCGs work together to increase fat oxidation and pu'erh herb shrinks fat cells with continued use.
  • Thermogenic Defining Gel- a potent heated gel that increases circulation, combats cellulite, and tones targetted areas for extra definition and a smooth, toned appearance. 
  • AWAKE Coffee Scrub- an invigorating blend of natural ingredients to fight dry, flaky skin and target pesky cellulite, stretch marks, acne, eczema and psoriasis.