Rapid Fat Flush


Laser lipo light offers effective, natural non-invasive lipolysis and works great with complementary add-on treatments to further enhance results. Lose at least one inch from day one.

Lay down and relax while safe, non-invasive LLLT / cold laser in 635nm and infrared waves flush an estimated 120 grams of fat from 2-3 treatment areas of your choice. Choose from butt, upper back, lower back, arms, thighs, or waist.

Every session includes your choice of an herbal slimming wrap or vibration therapy.

Measurements and before and after pictures can be taken, though it is entirely up to you. This service works best when you double your water intake and refrain from drinking alcohol on the day of treatment.

Synergistic Add-Ons:

Fat loss gets amplified with complementary therapies! So sweat it out and burn an additional 400-600 calories with an infrared sauna wrap (45 minutes), detox and soothe sore muscles with my take home re-mineralizing and detoxifying bath soak with aromatherapeutic herbs, or add an energetic diagnosis and healing treatment to uncover the root of any potential body issue and rebalance from the inside out.


Rapid Fat Flush (one add-on included free) $150

Infrared Sauna Wrap $48 / Vibration Therapy $18 / Slim Wrap Spot Treatment $28 / Remineralizing & Detoxifying Bath Soak $24 / Energetic Diagnosis and Quantum Healing $40 as an add-on ($125 value)

For more information about LLLT / Cold Laser / and Red Light Therapy, please visit LEDPhototherapies.com.

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Unlimited Laser Lipo!

How much fat would you lose if you could have a laser-lipo treatment whenever you wanted? Let’s find out! Presenting unlimited laser lipo for unlimited fat loss! Bring clinical strength, non-invasive lipolysis home with the patented laser-lipo system from LED Phototherapies. Safe, convenient cold laser to use on your hips, thighs, abs, or any problem are you want to sculpt. Come in to consult with me, learn how to use the device, slimming solution and compression belt as well as tips on what to eat and drink the day of treatment for best results. Each Unlimited Laser Lipo deal comes with Unlimited Laser Lipo ($1295.00 value), a months supply of our herbal slimming wrap (similar to It Works wraps but formulated to work with cold laser therapy), a neoprene compression belt to wear after your treatment with the herbal slimming solution, and a measuring tape and progress chart for you to log your results!

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Come in and get slim!

 Gloria, above, after sessions 2 days a week for 6 weeks in conjunction with 20 minutes of walking and increased water intake on treatment days.

Gloria, above, after sessions 2 days a week for 6 weeks in conjunction with 20 minutes of walking and increased water intake on treatment days.

I’ve had only one red light body sculpting session so far and am amazed that the cellulite in my saddlebags has almost completely disappeared.