Couples Massage, Experiences & Retreats in Santorini

World Class Massage. Vibrational Healing. Phototherapy Treatments for Fat Loss and Pain Relief.

Join myself and Stelios of Imperial Sessions for state-of-the-art wellness treatments and massage therapy in one of the world’s most exotic destinations. Experience a restorative and rejuvenating journey from the comfort of your room or villa. Between the two of us we have over 25 years of experience servicing some of the top hotels and spas in the world with royal thai massage, swedish, deep tissue, energy healing, lomi lomi, shiatsu and watsu. Sessions can include clinical strength phototherapy, all natural aromatherapeutic treatment oils, and CBD for next level healing and restoration. Choose your perfect treatment or let us tailor your experience to match your needs.

Feeling adventurous? Join us for a dive into the Caldera to explore shipwrecks, caves, caverns and Santorini’s special reefs. Most travelers don’t get off the tourist track when visiting Santorini, let’s experience the most loved places along with lesser known destinations - hidden bays, beautiful beaches, ancient Thera cities that speak to a different life time.  Experience the power of a healing breathwork or sound healing session from atop the cliffs overlooking the Aegean Sea. Take a sail with us and see why Santorini has the worlds most idyllic sunset.

Day long to week long packages are available, inclusive of luxury villa accomodations. Let us guide you through an unforgettable experience.


Yoga, Breathwork & Sound Healing with CBD & Cacao in The Canary Islands

We’ll spend our days relaxing and exploring some of Tenerife’s most loved places along with lesser known destinations - beautiful beaches, hiking through the hills and rolling through the evenings with yoga, transformational breathwork and healing sound baths to soothe you into serenity. Each yoga and breathwork session will have high grade CBD and/or ceremonial grade Cacao infusions to enhance the work.

Includes world class massage therapy and a high vibrational fresh organic menu.


Sacred Breath & Energy Healing

Your healing is in your hands. Set yourself free with Sacred Breath. Unlock your highest potential. Uplift your soul and clear old wounds and traumas. Uproot and release layers of conditioned beliefs stored within our personal psyche and within the collective consciousness. You hold the innate ability to transform yourself body / mind / spirit. Are you ready for multi-dimensional healing, to dissolve the barriers between who you perceive yourself to be and who you TRULY are - divine, wise, beautiful? Through breath we will unlock a deep self-knowing, shed light on your life’s purpose, and illuminate answers to our deepest questions. Come home to your most authentic self with conscious, circular, deep diaphragmatic breathing and the power of breath medicine. Sound healing and energy healing attunements are optional and included as part of the integration process.


Get Lit with a Nushape Phototherapy Spa Session for Fat Loss or Pain Relief

Let’s have a spa day shall we?!

Sign up here for a Nushape spa day at your home or hotel.

Choose between a Nushape phototherapy treatment for fat loss or pain relief.

Fat loss sessions result in at least an inch of fat loss and include one bottle of Slim Wrap Solution (enough for 4 skin firming, detoxifying treatment wraps on your area of choice), and a session on the vibration plate to boost your lymphatic system and get the most out of your fat loss treatment.

Pain relief sessions will include a CBD muscle relief treatment with all natural oils and high grade CBD with a one hour massage.

Coupons will also be given for 20% off any Nushape Phototherapy Device.

Download my book Light Medicine, free. Covering thirty different treatments for next level wellness and totally non-invasive treatment for pain, fat loss, skin rejuvenation and more.



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