The Loving Touch

“Aunty Margaret”, one of the oldest and most widely recognized teachers of Lomi Lomi, defines Lomi Lomi as, "The Loving Touch - a connection of heart, hands and soul with the Source of All Life!" 

This is a head to toe healing bodywork session based in Lomi-Lomi, to assist your body to balance its natural energy flow through pathways known as meridians and chakras. Free flowing energy gently aligns with healthy vibrations leaving you feeling relaxed, uplifted, rejuvenated and inspired. Many ailments, injuries and conditions are greatly relieved as well as the discomforts associated with managing a life of illness or the imbalance of health and wellness. 

Sessions go beyond Lomi - Lomi, with my own healing crystal charged aromatherapy oil, LLLT / LED / Cold Laser therapy for pain, fat loss, and inflammation, and Reiki Healing and/or Emotional Balancing (optional).

These additions are seamlessly integrated into our session in a way which never interrupts the flow of the bodywork.

Organic Aromatherapy :

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Organic aromatherapy oil with arnica to ease muscles, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, swelling and bruising.

Key actives include: anti-inflammatory natural painkillers arnica, comfrey, rosemary, chamomile, white willow, calendula and frankincense with lavender promoting relaxation and peace of mind.  

All my oils are selected for purity, with rose quartz, amethyst, or citrine crystal energies infused into the oils during production. After bottling, a small crystal placed in each jar. In my Soothe oil which I use for massage, Amethyst is the crystal of choice, as it is one of the best crystals for relieving pain, especially from headaches and arthritis. Placing Amethyst stones near and on the source of the pain helps to reduce and block the pain. As a highly spiritual stone, it works on a subtle level to balance your energy bodies and cleanse your aura to release any negative energy that may be contributing to your pain. 

Phototherapy / Cold-Laser :

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Phototherapy/low level light laser. You will have a choice of non-invasive laser-lipo fat loss, or gentle red light and infrared pain relief. Both are worked into the session in a seamless, non-invasive way, the phototherapy wrap drapes lightly over your desired area and simply feels like a warm heating pad. LED phototherapy is safe, effective and fast.

LED Light Therapy delivers light energy to tissue and cell in a similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun. UV-Free, Beneficial Light Rays that energize cells and stimulate the body’s natural processes to build new proteins and regenerate healthy cells. LED light therapy can relieve arthritic, muscle and joint pain, reduce inflammation and stiffness and increase blood circulation, healing time, and cause lipolysis in fat cells for detoxification and release of unhealthy fats.

Reiki Energy and Emotional Balancing :

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Reiki Energy. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being.

Emotional Balancing. If you have a source of emotional tension we can include the clearing of one emotional imbalance as well (optional). Trapped emotions can potentially be at the bottom of every emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual problem you may have and releasing them can cause wonderful shifts towards wellness and healing.

CLIENT INTAKE FORM - Please submit prior to session.

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Do you have a preference for music? I will generally select something soft but with a little bit of rhythm to move to, unless you prefer the traditional zen, meditative spa style background sound.
As an energy worker one of my favorite techniques is the Emotion Code. The Emotion Code quickly and easily pinpoints trapped emotions using muscle testing, to find and release the cause of emotional and/or physical imbalance. We can release a trapped emotion or two quickly and easily as part of your session (included in the fee). Would you like this included when we meet?