My love for healing arts was sparked by my Grandmother, Carol K Anthony, an intuitive healer and author of well loved translations of The I Ching Oracle, and books on consciousness-based medicine, love, self healing, and meditation. I spent half of my childhood under her care during which time when I had a problem we consulted the I Ching Oracle for clarity and guidance. If I doubted myself she reminded me to re-align with source and tune into my “inner truth”. Active meditation techniques, intuitive healing and taoist philosophy were staple conversations.

At 17 I became a certified massage therapist and Reiki Master Teacher while I studied acting and entertained fantasies of a life on the stage. And then my twenties came with a whirlwind of twists and turns. I was an aspiring actor, single mother, entrepreneur with two different companies. And I was in love. Until he left. My heart broke open and soon after my businesses faltered. Everything hinged on me, and I was drowning in heartache and depression.

Soon I “hit rock bottom”. In an Eat, Pray, Love moment I surrendered and quit working 18 hour days. I simplified, took care of myself for the first time in a long time, opened my massage practice again, and found myself opening a wellness spa. Within weeks the needs of my clients led me to develop a medical device which turned into a phototherapy company called Nushape, for total body wellness. I’m a nerd when it comes using non-invasive LED light waves for wellness, and just finished my book “Light Medicine: The Self Help Guide to Your Best Brain and Body Ever” featuring over 30 red light and infrared therapy treatments tackling everything from hormone health, to fat loss skin rejuvenation, pain and inflammation relief, brain health and more.


I’m so grateful to have found my way back to the world of wellness. These past few years I’ve deepened my personal practice and expanded my training with certifications in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing, and most recently in Breathwork and Sound Therapy - specifically Crystal Bowls & Gong. Breathwork is my current focus. Stan Groff’s Holotropic Breathwork is a method he developed after LSD was banned in the 60’s, a method he devised specifically for continuing to experience non-ordinary states of consciousness, releasing serotonin, dopamine, and even small amounts of DMT, “The Spirit Molecule”. There are now several schools of breathwork that have branched off from this method. My breathwork integrates these techniques - fusing conscious, connected, deep diaphramatic breathing, with provocative soundscapes, energy healing and sound therapy for a truly transformative experience.