Bio Active skin & bath care For The Love of Her

LUVHR is a collection of organic botanicals for the face and body to youthen, brighten and protect skin from head to toe.

I created LUVHR to be a ritual of self love and a truly luxurious high vibration anti-aging collection.

Non toxic skin, body and bath care containing zero fillers, chemicals or nasties - so clean you could eat, (and smelling so divine you almost want to). Products feature healing frequencies, therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils, and are rich with the healing powers of plants and flowers - rose, lavender, frankincense abound with other active botanicals to rejuvenate and heal the skin naturally.


Look Good, Feel Good

10% of proceeds benefit women's and children's charities and non-profit organizations across the world, such as We Are Ultra Violet, Women's Earth Alliance, the Women's Empowerment Fund, Maiti Nepal, and Thrive-Global.


The LUVHR Mission

Women empowering women. Clean Beauty. Empowerment through confidence, consciousness, and aligning with other lovers who seek the same. Giving Back. Support in your quest for beautiful skincare with clean, green body, skin and spa products and a little bit of magic.

 For The Love Of Her.



Sandalwood aids to reduce the proliferation of skin cancer and boasts anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antiseptic, and astringent properties while promoting mental clarity, relaxation and focus.

A recent study found sandalwood oil triggered a 32 percent increase in cell proliferation and a nearly 50 percent increase in cell migration- characteristic of wound healing,


Powerhouse red raspberry seed oil is rich in EFAs, vitamin E, vitamin A, and phytosterols- helping to repair skin damage.

It possesses superior anti-inflammatory qualities and absorbs UVA and UVB rays for natural sun protection, and due to its high content of alpha linolenic acid (the highest in any fruit seed oil) and phytosterols, it helps in treating troublesome skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis

A high content of ellegic acid offers wonderful anti-aging benefits by reducing the destruction of collagen and inflammatory response, both major causes of wrinkles. Find it in our Sunshine Oil.


Frankincense attests to just how intelligent mother nature is and to the power of bio-active botanicals. Studies have found that frankincense can actually tell whether a cell is normal or not normal, and then only go after and eradicate cells that are not normal. It also has the ability to moderate inflammatory response. Further, frankincense has a “reset” function that can tell a cell what its correct DNA should be. No wonder it also provides a positive and calming effect on the nervous system and the brain.


Crystal infused oils. Crystal healers believe that crystals and gemstones have properties that facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual healing by positively interacting with the body's energy field, or chakra. While some crystals are said to alleviate stress, others purportedly improve concentration or creativity. Psychics and healers have revered the healing powers of crytals for at least 6,000 years to the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt.

With wonderful regenerative and soothing properties, pure rose can improve acne, balance hormones, boost mood and treat rosacea, among other things.  LUVHR Heart-Opening Rose Spray employs the power of pure bulgarian rose to heal and soothe inside and out.


Lavender oil is a very healing oil with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, can aid in healing minor burns and bug bites and is also antibacterial and can kill bacteria that penetrate your pores. It is also well loved for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness due to how it interacts with the neurotransmitter GABA to help quiet the brain and nervous system activity.


About The Maker

Working with nature to make skin and bath care is one of my earliest childhood memories. Creating "perfume" out of flowers, water and childlike charm (a much needed ingredient!), convinced my neighbors to become instant customers.

We all know eating toxic materials is harmful to our inner organs, but we tend to neglect the largest organ- our skin. Our skin is under attack by vast majority of products on the market brimming with fillers, preservatives, and toxic ingredients. My fascination with natural beauty is still childlike - there is always something new to discover and play with. As a child I was creating a magical potion and I continue to feel that excitement working with the earth's natural ingredients, refining my "potions" over the decades - sampling products for myself, my child, and clients. My obsession with organic skin and body care flourished after opening a wellness spa in Southern California. Most of my clients were women coming to see me for body slimming treatments, reiki, and skin rejuvenation, so it came naturally to start creating effective solutions to address their skin and body care needs. This line grew from years of need, trial & error, and vast research to provide next-level solution for healthy, safe, non-toxic skin care, using my experience as an eco-beauty lover, spa owner, mother, and healer to nurture the skin and uplift the soul.