Nushape Therapy Wrap

Nushape Therapy Wrap


Safe, non-invasive 660nm and 850nm light waves have been proven effective for a wide range of healing and rejuvenating uses including anti-aging, hair loss prevention & regrowth, skin conditions, wound care, pain relief, detoxification, cellulite reduction and much more.

It is a 100% natural therapy with zero side effects. 

I developed this patented portable wrap to penetrate deep through the skin and into the muscles to provide relief and rejuvenation from home.

Clinical strength red light in 660nm waves reach deep layers of the skin, to stimulate cellular repair and increase circulation, promoting a more vibrant, youthful complexion. Near infrared light deeply penetrates and causes thermal effects to increase tissue temperature, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, and improve cell viability and regenerative capacity. The healing of scars, wounds, cuts, and nerve damage is vastly accelerated.

Red light and near infrared light therapy do not mask the symptoms of pain, but rather encourages the healing of the actual cause of the pain- in many cases after a course of regular treatment with infrared light, the pain is gone for good.

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