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My name is Jessica Charles

I'm the inventor or the Nushape Lipo-Wrap, founder of Nushape LLC, a wellness company, and designer for LUVHR, an emboldened women's collection with lingerie, bridal, and organic skincare collections.

Here you can learn about my work, purchase one of my products, or just say hello.

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The Magic of Red Light Phototherapy 

Promote healing, stimulate collagen for skin repair and wrinkle reduction, increase circulation, reduce inflammation for pain relief, and drain fat cells of waste for a slimmer figure.

Red light therapy involves emitting red, low-light LED wavelengths through the skin to stimulate an array of remarkable benefits. So many in fact, at first it almost seems like magic! 

The FDA has approved red light therapy for chronic joint pain, slow to heal wounds, wrinkles, hair loss, "circumferential inch loss" (fat), acne, and many more. 

I founded Nushape after owning a phototherapy based spa- to take expensive, salon-style phototherapy treatments, and make them available at home for ongoing, affordable treatment you can benefit from daily.

Check out the Nushape Lipo-Wrap as seen on the Rachel Ray show!  


LUVHR for the love of her 

organic, anti-aging skincare & sensual lingerie, giving 10% back to women & children in need

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Rich with rose, lavender, and frankincense I developed the LUVHR line to nourish, soothe and uplift both your skin and senses. Non toxic, bio-active botanicals with zero fillers, chemicals or nasties- so clean you could eat, and smelling so divine you almost want to! 

Inspired by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, liquid elements are treated with reiki, crystal and sound frequencies, carrying the energies and intention of love and healing to change the structure of the formulas on a cellular level. 

10% of our proceeds benefit women's and children's charities and non-profit organizations across the world, such as We Are Ultra Violet, Women's Earth Alliance, the Women's Empowerment Fund, Maiti Nepal, and Thrive-Global. Taking action to DO good in order to feel good, and look good.



My Product LINES:

Nushape Jessica Charles


Lose fat and reduce pain with Nushape's patent-pending home use phototherapy wraps, employing the power of NASA discovered red light LED therapy in FDA-approved wavelengths.  

LUVHR Jessica Charles

LUVHR Botanicals

Essential oils provide an instant aromatherapeutic effect, energetic frequencies charge active, non-toxic botanicals. Heal and revive skin with next-level, non-toxic skin care.

Luvhr Jessica Charles

LUVHR Lingerie

Empowered. Beautiful. Free.              LUVHR lingerie is sophisticated and luxurious with hints of naughtiness and romance to embolden and inspire your inner goddess.


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