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Spa & beauty products born from my background as a spa owner and healing arts practitioner.


LUVHR is a collection of organic botanicals for the face and body to youthen, brighten and protect skin from head to toe. Formulas have been charged with healing frequencies and contain zero fillers or chemicals - a truly luxurious high vibration anti-aging collection.

10% go back to charities for women and children.


A line of all natural slimming products I developed for my company Nushape that makes LLLT LED Phototherapy devices - they work great on their own to slim and firm the body, or especially well with Nushape phototherapy products.


Nushape brings clinical-strength pain relief and laser lipo technology to the home market in our patented flexible belts, and to spas and wellness centers with our all-in-one commercial device, the Nushape II.

Devices are safety certified and in the process of obtaining FDA-approval. I founded Nushape in 2015 after falling in love with the miraculous power of red light which I discovered after I opening my women’s wellness spa.

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Bio Active Botanicals & Rituals of Self Love

I created LUVHR to be a complete nourishing, youthening range of products and a ritual of self love. Non toxic skin, body and bath care containing zero fillers, chemicals or nasties - so clean you could eat, (and smelling so divine you almost want to). Products feature healing frequencies, therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils, and are rich with the healing powers of plants and flowers - rose, lavender, frankincense abound with other active botanicals to rejuvenate and heal the skin naturally.

Beauty Is As Beauty Does

10% of proceeds benefit women's and children's charities and non-profit organizations across the world, such as We Are Ultra Violet, Women's Earth Alliance, the Women's Empowerment Fund, Maiti Nepal, and Thrive-Global. Taking action to DO good in order to feel good, and look good.

The LUVHR Mission

Women empowering women. Clean Beauty. Empowerment through confidence, consciousness, and aligning with other lovers who seek the same. Giving Back. Support in your quest for beautiful skincare with clean, green body, skin and spa products and a little bit of magic. 

For The Love Of Her.


Let There Be Light! Nushape Bio-Hacks Body Goals with Non-Invasive LED Lightwaves for Pain, Fat Loss and Cognitive Therapy.

The Nushape Therapy wrap performs over 20 different wellness treatments from decreasing inflammation, regulating thyroid function, to repairing the skin and more. The Laser-Lipo wrap drains fat from the fat cell for fat loss and cellulite control. Wavelengths in the cognitive cap have been shown to clear unwanted protein deposits, and increase cognitive processing capability and memory consolidation.

The Nushape II


I created this line of organic, detoxifying bath and skincare to flush toxins from the body, while firming and smoothing the skin. These products work great on their own, or fantastically well when used all together as a complete slimming program (especially when paired with my red light therapy devices).